Thursday, 5 July 2018

Newton law of motion.

Hi blog,today i am going to share what i learnt today.

Today i learnt newton's three laws and his laws of motion.
The first law is inertia,an object in motion will remain in motion and a object in rest will remain rest unless a force acts on it.

next law was force & mass,force net is equal to mass acceleration or a shorter way, fn=ma.

last law information,"for every,there's an equal but opposite reaction."

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

what i learnt at Tool kits today

today i learnt how to make a animated short film on google are my two example's.when you watch it you have to push down the right arrow.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

winter acrostic poem!

hi blog! today i will be posting a winter acrostic poem today and i hope you enjoy it.

winter is very chilly
it is windy
never hot or warm
tell your neighbour not to mow there lawn
enjoy winter today
remember not to let winter ruin your day

thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

question of the day?

hi blog!i have a question and that question is what year was your best year in your entire life?my best year in my entire life was 2015 because i won my first soccer gold medal.

 comment down below what your favourite year was.

all about me!

when i was 1 poem!

hi blog! today i am sharing my when i was 1 poem and my poem is about my real life but not rhyming.

when i was 1 i opened my eyes
when i was 2 i learnt how to walk
when i was 3 i started preschool
when i was 4 i won my first race at preschool
when i was 5 i graduated preschool
when i was 6 i played my very first touch game
when i was 7 i got my first gold medal for soccer
when i was 8 i started Wesley primary
and now i am 9 i can achieve more in life.

thank you for reading.

what animal describes yourself best

hi blog! today i have a question and that question is what animal describes yourself best?when i thought about this question it really made me think about animals.hear are some photos of some animals you might think of.

Image result for gorrilaImage result for ponyImage result for dog

comment down below what animal describes yourself best.