Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Activity 3 Day 2 (Summer Learning Journey)

Activity 3-weird and wonderful

facts-all about cactus and cacti can survive (a day)if you pour 3 millilitres.

Imagine if you get a cactus for a present and you need to feed it 3 milliltres each day of the year (1 year).So the question is How many milliltres of water does the cactus get from the year?

Working Out-365 (including the quarter) x 3=1095.75
half of three is 1.5,half of 1.5 is 0.75,so thats a quarter of 3=0.75

Answer-1095.75 milliltres of water the cactus gets in a year (I think)


  1. Kia ora Siliva,

    My name is Rachel and I am working on the Summer Learning Journey programme this year. It is so great to see that you have posted a practice activity for the SLJ and an activity from this years' programme. Awesome work!

    I really enjoyed reading your post about watering the cactus. I like that you have written out your thinking and provided us with a step-by-step description of your problem solving. I also like that you followed the instructions in the activity and provided your answer in millilitres (mls). Nice work!

    I hope that you are able to complete some more SLJ activities over the course of the summer. We will be online every day until Friday 25 January 2019 and will be really keen to read your work and provide comments. We will also track your activities and give you points.

    Hope to see you online again soon,

    Rachel :)

  2. hey saliva good to see you doing the summer learning journey
    .looks like u are working hurd