Tuesday, 29 May 2018

what i learnt at Tool kits today

today i learnt how to make a animated short film on google are my two example's.when you watch it you have to push down the right arrow.


  1. Hello Siliva i really liked your animation maybe you can tell us how to make a animation but amazing work! Blog you later!

  2. Hi Siliva my name is Clara from Waikowhai Primary School and I love the animations that you made. It reminded me of when I had to make an animation myself, and I did it with a friend, we were doing an animation about the houses in Samoa being washed away by the Tsunami and how we could help save those houses. The thing that I would like you to work on is your capital letters and punctuation. If you would like to see my learning my blog is

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    2. are you from samoa?

      i am asking this question because i am samoan