Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Activity 3 Day 2 (Summer Learning Journey)

Activity 3-weird and wonderful

facts-all about cactus and cacti can survive (a day)if you pour 3 millilitres.

Imagine if you get a cactus for a present and you need to feed it 3 milliltres each day of the year (1 year).So the question is How many milliltres of water does the cactus get from the year?

Working Out-365 (including the quarter) x 3=1095.75
half of three is 1.5,half of 1.5 is 0.75,so thats a quarter of 3=0.75

Answer-1095.75 milliltres of water the cactus gets in a year (I think)

Friday, 14 December 2018

How to be a leader!

Friday 14th December

Today we are doing Jagged Smack down and I decided to post my Jagged Smack down slide.So my Jagged Smack down goal is leadership.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018



Today I am posting about blade runner and the text said post on your blog what New Zealand would look like in the future.

So I think New Zealand would look basically the same but it is just your grand children that will be at school or work.

So thats my thought about New Zealand in the future.Comment what you think New Zealand would look like in the future.

Monday, 3 December 2018



Summer Learning Journey is a website that will help you during your lifetime in school.

There are 60 tasks and there are 2 tasks per day but there is a extra task.Also each task you complete then you will get points,It starts on December 17th 2018.

If you post on your blog about your task you have finished,then you will get 2 points and if you comment on someones blog post about Summer Learning Journey then you will get another 2 points.

So make sure you register.Also there will be prizes when your school starts next year.

comment if you have registered.

Sunday, 2 December 2018


Today I have a question and that is,what can you post when you are bored?

Usually I will post riddles,a poem or even a quote.but I want to try something comment down below what should I post.I will reply to one of the comments and that is the one.

Thursday, 15 November 2018


Hi everyone,today I am posting a quote that I wrote yesterday.I hope you enjoy it.when i wrote this quote it was kind of challenging because i did not no what to make it be based on.

Thursday, 18 October 2018


hi blog,today i am back from the holidays and today i brought some riddles with me.comment down below your answers and i will reply.

1.I can’t be seen, found, heard or smelled. I lie behind stars and under hills, I fill empty holes, come first and follow after. What am I?

2.Joe's father had 3 sons...snap,crackle and?

3.What room do ghost avoid?

4.How do you know that carrots are good for your eyes

Tuesday, 18 September 2018


hi blog today i am going to post some quizzes quizzes are ones i played and i was so stuck.i hope you like it.comment down what quiz you did.steps.

type quizziz.

first link

join game.

press no game code

 and then pick.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Good guide for grief

hi blog,today i am showing my was challenging because the morning tea ell was about to ring.what i learnt was what to do and what not to do.i hope you enjoy!

Thursday, 23 August 2018


hi blog,today i am posting my film festival video.when we made it,it was so challenging because the background noise.this film had a change,the change was when we had a cure for the poisonous effect to wear off. we enjoyed how funny it was.when we made our film we had to do rotation and we learnt how to add sound effects,the angles,props,backgrounds and costume. i hope you enjoy it.also we added all our parts to make it a movie by using imovie. :)

Monday, 20 August 2018

MY Learning

hi blog,today i am posting my is about why we should have friday off.

Friday, 10 August 2018


hi blog today i am posting my work.this is a 100 word it must be right on 100.i hope you ENJOY!!!

Thursday, 9 August 2018

my work?

hi blog today i am posting my i hope you like it. :)

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

what i did today?

dear blog,i am going to share my learning today.i hope you like it. :)

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

what i did for homework today?

hi blog,today i am posting what i did for my i am going to present it.hope you enjoy. :) comment what kind of changes happened to you.

Monday, 30 July 2018

ten things found i spongebob's pocket

dear blog,today i am posting my work.this was based on a poem called ten things found in a shipwreck sailor's pocket.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

my top five favorite wwe theme songs?

top 5 wwe theme songs

what i did today?

hi blog,today at school i had to do a census that included data and statistics.the question for my census was what is the main language you speak?comment down below what is you main language you speak.sorry i cant post the sheet so i will just write it.

what is you main language?

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Newton law of motion.

Hi blog,today i am going to share what i learnt today.

Today i learnt newton's three laws and his laws of motion.
The first law is inertia,an object in motion will remain in motion and a object in rest will remain rest unless a force acts on it.

next law was force & mass,force net is equal to mass acceleration or a shorter way, fn=ma.

last law information,"for every,there's an equal but opposite reaction."

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

what i learnt at Tool kits today

today i learnt how to make a animated short film on google are my two example's.when you watch it you have to push down the right arrow.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

winter acrostic poem!

hi blog! today i will be posting a winter acrostic poem today and i hope you enjoy it.

winter is very chilly
it is windy
never hot or warm
tell your neighbour not to mow there lawn
enjoy winter today
remember not to let winter ruin your day

thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

question of the day?

hi blog!i have a question and that question is what year was your best year in your entire life?my best year in my entire life was 2015 because i won my first soccer gold medal.

 comment down below what your favourite year was.

all about me!

when i was 1 poem!

hi blog! today i am sharing my when i was 1 poem and my poem is about my real life but not rhyming.

when i was 1 i opened my eyes
when i was 2 i learnt how to walk
when i was 3 i started preschool
when i was 4 i won my first race at preschool
when i was 5 i graduated preschool
when i was 6 i played my very first touch game
when i was 7 i got my first gold medal for soccer
when i was 8 i started Wesley primary
and now i am 9 i can achieve more in life.

thank you for reading.

what animal describes yourself best

hi blog! today i have a question and that question is what animal describes yourself best?when i thought about this question it really made me think about animals.hear are some photos of some animals you might think of.

Image result for gorrilaImage result for ponyImage result for dog

comment down below what animal describes yourself best.

what i learnt today!

hi blog! today I will be posting what I learnt I learnt what a group of fish is and a group of fish is called a school of fish.did you know that when a school of fish see bigger fish they defend themselves by making a tornado of is a image of a school of fish.

Image result for a school of fish png

my next goal!

talofa,malo e lelei,fakalofa lahi atu,kia Ora and hi blog!today i will be posting about my goal and my goal is to get my Chromebook ninja is a picture of the badge.

comment down below how much badges do you have.

my first blog post badge!

hi blog! today i earned my first blog post badge.

comment down below if you have your first blog post badge.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

thought of the day?

hi blog!I was thinking today and i had a thought and that thought was why  life special?

comment down below what you think and there are no rights and no wrongs.

how would you describe yourself?

hi,talofa lava,malo e lelei,fakalofa lahi atu and kia Ora blog! today I was surfing the internet and I found a question.That question is how would you describe yourself?

comment down below if you want to share and there are no rights and wrongs.its your choose!

a question to all the teachers and bloggers?

hi blog! i have a question? and that question is have you ever wondered what to post on your blog and then blog posting a question to ask other bloggers or teachers.

please  comment down below if you have or you haven't

poem time!

hi blog!today I made 2 acrostic poems and it was about feelings and food,so I thought....instead of saving it on my drive why not post it on my blog!

ham and cheese are yum
apples are red
pineapples are hard
pears are green
yogurt is smooth

angry is mad
proud feels precious
precious feels good
lazy feels careless
eager is related to wild

i hope whomever read these two poems liked it!

can you solve these riddles?

hi blog! i have some riddles and i wonder if you can solve all of them? OK here are all the riddles.

1.i am tall when i am young and i am short when i am old? what am i?

2.say race car backwards and what do you get? 

3.what belongs to you but other people use it more than you

4.what 5 letter word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters to it

5.imagine you’re in a room that is filling with water. There are no windows or doors. How do you get out?

comment down below if you know all the answers.

what you could post on your blog

hi blog! today I made a poster of what you could post on your blog.when i made this I felt happy and I was proud of my work.

comment down below if you have any other ideas.